PRESS RELEASE Development of a National Action Plan in Iraq for implementation of United Nation Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security

Development of a National Action Plan in Iraq for implementation of United Nation Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women,

Peace and Security On April 4-5 the Iraqi-NAP1325 Initiative (I-NAP1325 Initiative) organized a workshop on “Refining the Framework of the NAP1325 in Iraq” in Beirut. The workshop is a part of the process on development of a National Action Plan (NAP) in Iraq for implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. This process was initiated by the I-NAP1325 Initiative in 2012, an initiative of women’s rights advocacy NGOs who came together with the objective to support the government of Iraq and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) to develop a NAP1325 in Iraq. It is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and facilitated by the European Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI. The workshop had the following objectives: – Refining the NAP framework that has been developed by the collaborative work of I-NAP1325 Initiative and the State actors during the year 2012. – Forming a Cross-Sectorial Task Force and working committees with responsibilities in the process of further development of the NAP1325 in Iraq. – Planning the future steps until the end of 2013, including consultations, finalizing of the NAP, its validation and adoption by the Federal Government in Baghdad and Kurdish Regional Government. The workshop gathered fourteen State actors and members of the parliaments from the Federal Government in Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government and the 13 members of the I-NAP1325 Initiative representing the advocacy women’s rights NGOs and networks from the civil society, working on the implementation of UNSCR1325 in Iraq. During the two days the State actors and the I-NAP1325 Initiative discussed in details the six pillars of NAP1325 in Iraq and refined the strategic objectives, specific actions, expected results, indicators, implementing agencies and time framework of the NAP. The meeting formed the NAP1325 Cross-Sectional Task Force that consists of governmental actors, MPs, I-NAP1325 Initiative and security sector. The NAP1325 Cross-Sectional Task Force unanimously elected its two Chairs: Mr. Mudhir Mujamea, Director General and Commander of Civil Forces Ministry of Defense, National Reconciliation Commission. Ms. Bakhshan Zangana, President of the Women High Council in the Kurdish Regional Government. The NAP1325 Cross-Sectional Task Force formed three committees to enable the further work on development of the NAP: – Drafting Committee – Financial Committee – Legal Committee Dr. Tareq Rasheed, Director General Ministry of Interior KRG, was elected as the Chair of the Drafting Committee. Drafting Committee comprises of legal and gender experts from the parliaments, governments, I-NAP1325 Initiative and international consultants from IFE-EFI. It will prepare the draft of the NAP, with its major elements: executive Summary, glossary of words and terms used, contextual framework (Gender Audit), incorporate the adopted by the Cross-Sectorial Task Force NAP matrix and pillars – goal, objectives, pillars, strategic objectives, specific actions, desired result, indicators, responsible agencies and time frame, in three languages: Arabic, Kurdish and English. It will submit it to the Task Force for final discussion, further validation of parliaments and broader civil society before submitting it to the Prime Ministries Offices in Baghdad and Erbil. I-NAP1325 Initiative will further finalize a detailed picture of current initiatives and activities that address women, peace and security issues and will present it to the Drafting Committee for incorporation. Dr. Ali Khadhim, Director General Ministry of Interior, Baghdad was elected as the Chair of the Financial Committee. The Financial Committee consists of experts MPs, I-NAP1325 Initiative and financial consultants from IFE-EFI and has the responsibility together with a financial consultant from Iraq to prepare a budget based on the proposed activities by the Cross-Sectorial Task Force. It also has the responsibility to draft a fundraising strategy and propose it to be voted by the Task Force before submitted to the Prime Minister’s offices in Baghdad and Erbil. Dr. Rozan Dizayee, Member of the Parliament KRG was elected as the Chair of the Legal Committee. The Legal Committee consists of legal experts from the governments, the Legal Committees from the federal and Kurdish parliaments, Human Rights Commission in Baghdad and I-NAP1325 Initiative. It is responsible to identify existing laws to be annulled and/or amended in order to be harmonized with international conventions and resolutions in order to enable the implementation of UNSCR 1325. It is responsible also to identify newly adopted womens’ rights laws whose implementation needs to be enhanced. In addition the Committee will map existing operations, strategic and development plans and policies in Iraq and Kurdistan and position the NAP1325 within their context.