A Letter from Alliance for the implementation of the National Action Plan for 1325

To the President of the Republic of Iraq

To the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

To Iraqi Prime Minister

To the representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations

To the Independent Commission for Human Rights

 As we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25 events within 16 days), we realize the importance of taking necessary procedures to work on extensive reforms to ensure the protection of women and legitimize the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Security Council resolution 1325 on Iraq, which was approved in April, this year 2014 within the advancement of women’s strategy. We are surprised by the removing of the two pillars (social and economic empowerment – Legislation and Law Enforcement) and the budget of the plan which is originally based on six pillars with specific goals that are necessary for the implementation of the national plan and enable Iraq to meet the international commitment in the activation of the terms of Security Council resolution 1325 to build peace in the country. Removing the pillar of social and economic empowerment of women will not allow women to enjoy the right of equal access with man get the same opportunities and resources to achieve economic stability empowerment. Likewise, the lift of the pillar of legislation and law enforcement of the plan will not achieve the harmonization of national legislation with international standards and mechanisms for women’s rights, including the UNSCR 1325. It will give no opportunity for legal amendments to abolish the legal texts that violate women’s rights or enact legislation to protect and strengthen women position according to the international legislations which respect the rights of women and men alike. The absence of legal amendments will not bring an end to impunity and promote legislation, and we point out that failure to allocate a budget for the implementation of the national plan to activate the Security Council resolution 1325 is a big shortage in the mechanism for implementing the plan.

We are Alliance for the implementation of the National Plan for 1325 which Includes (Iraq I-NAP Initiative 1325  and Iraqi network for UNSCR 1325) and a group of CSOs and civil activists defending the rights of women. We follow up with the government procedures in the application of international conventions, treaties and resolutions including the National Action Plan 1325 for the purpose of full implementation of the rights of Iraqi women as universal human rights.

And we call upon the government:

  1. To disclose the reasons for lifting these two important pillars in addition to the budget from the submitted plan without reference to those who developed the plan and discuss with them about the reasons of the development of these pillars and know their importance for completing the work so that we can have a real national plan to activate the UN Security Council resolution 1325.
  2. To work to return these two important pillars to the plan submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and start to implement work towards a real peace building and a stable country.
  3. To separate the National Action Plan (NAP) for UNSCR 1325 from the advancement strategy of women and treat each one separately and the NAP is prioritized under the current circumstances as an important mechanism in the elimination of violence and the promotion of peace and security.
  4. We also call for gender mainstreaming in government and political parties programs to ensure the protection and wider participation of women in all civil, political and economic fields.

Alliance for the implementation of the National Action Plan for 1325

November 25, 2014