Advocating the Implementation of INAP 1325 and Emergency Plan- Erbil May 26/ 2016

Under the patronage of KRG Ministry of Interior and High Council of Women Affairs, 1325 Iraqi Alliance held a national symposium for local and international actors through the support of Hivos under the title ‘’Advocating the Implementation of INAP 1325 and Emergency Plan’’

 It was attended by a big number of Iraqi and Kurdistan regional government officials, Iraq government, diplomats, European union, British consulate, US consulate, Japan consulate, Netherland consulate and UN agencies.The aim of the symposium was to discuss the progress made in the implementation of INAP and emergency plan under the volatile Iraqi context and identify the successes and challenges facing them.

The symposium started with welcoming words first, by Ms. Phakhshan Zangana the secretary of high council of women affairs then the task force coordinator Ms. Suzan Aref.After that, the three main axes of discussion have been covered starting with, ‘’the progress made in INAP so far’’ by 1325 operation room in Baghdad, Mr. Qasim Al-Zamli.The representatives of the UN women and UNICEF presented the second topic which was ‘’the relevance of INAP in the current Iraqi context’’.

The last topic of discussion ‘’ Challenges and gabs in the implementation of INAP led by the alliance members Ms. Parween Mohammed and Ms. Liza Hido. The end of the symposium showed an open discussion between the attendance and presenters of the main axes panels.It is worth it to mention that, the even was covered by a number of local and international media.