A Meeting between the alliance 1325 and the ministries

Baghdad Women Association held a regular meeting between the alliance 1325 and the ministries involved in the implementation of emergency plan in 1325 and discussed in the presence of representatives of the operating room 1325 linked to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on 

 28 -29 Mach 2016, The meeting provided explanation about the plan and the ministries concern with  the plan.

This comes as a part of “Facilitating the implementation of INAP 1325 project, with the partner with WEO and support from USIP.

The recommendation from the meeting:

1. Promote capabilities of gender units on resolution 1325 2. Raise awareness about gender violence and gender-based violence, especially in armed conflicts.
3. Knowing the cadres of emergency plan for resolution 1325.
4. Agree on practical steps to activate the emergency plan in the ministries.
5. Organization to visit the largest number of camps and complexes inhabited by IDPs / s to assess the needs and monitor their own cases, plans for the future.
6. Organize the subject of coordination and invitations to meetings through the establishment of group and communicate via communication tools Viber.
7. Prepare a report to the directors about visiting the camps and complexes inhabited by IDPs / s in Baghdad and identify needs and meet them according to the possibilities and the ability of each ministry concerned, determining the camp’s name, and the date of the visit will be an annex to the report, meetings with the Operation Room 1325 will be held in Erbil on April 6 to 7, 2016
8. Agree on continuous communication and coordination between BWA and the participants.