INAP Implementation Planning Workshop 6-7 April 2016 Hotel Rotana, Erbil

Under the patronage of KRG Ministry of Interior and High Council of Women Affairs, the Iraqi 1325 Alliance conducted a workshop“INAP Implementation Planning” on April 6-7, 2016 in Erbil, with respective Ministries from Baghdad and Erbil, part of the Iraqi NAP1325.


The workshop was organized in partnership with 1325Operation Room, Baghdad and Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI, with the supported of theDutch Embassy Baghdad and Hivos. It followed up onthe recommendations from the previous meeting of Cross Sector Task Force on the 23rd February at the Ministry of Interior KRG.

The goal of the workshop was to introduce the structure of the NAP1325 Cross Sector Task Force to all relevant Ministries, to discuss with them the NAP priorities for 2016 and to provide space for developing their own ministerial action plans for 2016 in accordance with these priorities and the INAP.

H.E. Mr. Kareem Sinjari, Minister of Interior and H.E. Ms. PakhshanZangana, Women High Council, opened the workshop and co-chaired the morning session of the first day. They reiterated the commitment ofthe Kurdistan government for the implementation of I-NAP 1325 and showed their support to the developing of the sector-specific action plans by the Ministries.

During the second session, Dr. Sami Jalal from KRG Ministry of Interior, Mr. QasimAlzamli and Mr. Muhamad Hamza from Operation Room 1325, Amal Jalal from High Council of Women affairs,  and Ms. Suzan Aref from 1325 Alliance, made an overview of the recommendations from the previous high level meeting and shared a vision for the way forward and overcoming some serious challenges facing the implementation of I-NAP 1325 in Iraq and KRG, most importantly, the financial crisis which had delayed many projects.

The workshop was attended by senior officials from Iraqi Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office as well as official from 1325 Operation Room in Baghdad. From the KRG it was attended by senior officials from the Department of Foreign Relations, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Religious Endowment, Ministry of Peshmerga and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as well as representatives from the High Council of Women Affairs and the Independent Board of Human Rights.

The event was marked by a warm working team atmosphere and resulted in fruitful discussions and outputs regarding the development of sector-specific action plans by each Ministry and Institution. It helped to increase the knowledge of the line Ministries about the pillars of INAP and to develop theirspecific 2016 action plans accordingly.


During the two days workshops members and advisors from 1325 Alliance and Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI participated and shared their expertise and experience with the senior staff of the line Ministries, enriching the proposed draft action plans, particularly during the breakout group discussions. At the endeach Ministry presented their draft action plan and submitted itto the WEO and Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI for formatting.

Electronic and the hard copies of the action plans have been officially sent back for finalizing to the Federal and KRG Ministries through the Chairs of the Cross Sector Task Force: 1325 Operation Room in Baghdad and the Ministry of Interior and Women High Council in Erbil.

Once the action plans are ready and completed by the Ministries, they will be combined into a master plan which will enable the Cross Sector Task Force to monitor and provide 2016 annual report on the implementation of the NAP. The master plan will also be presented to the Council of Ministers in Baghdad in order to discuss its funding. A fundraising advocacy workshop will be held with the donor community as well.

The following steps have been agreed upon:

  • WEO and IFE-EFI will submitthe formatted electronic and hard copy ministerial plans to 1325 Operation Room in Baghdad and the Ministry of Interior in Erbil to be sent back to the Ministries for finalizing.
  • The Ministries will finalize their 2016 action plans within 10 days from the moment they receive the drafts and will submit them to 1325 Operation Room in Baghdad and the Ministry of Interior in Erbil.
  • During these 10 days, 1325 Alliance and IFE-EFI will be available for consultations or face-to-face mentoring for offering more technical support to the Ministries if necessary.
  • The 2016 master plan will be assembled and prepared by the Cross Sector Task Force and used as a tool for monitoring and evaluation and reporting.