Workshop on follow-up and report writing skills

The CSTF1325 via the support of the Euro-Med feminist initiative and the British embassy in Iraq held a three- day

workshop on 9th to 11th of January 2018 in Erbil on follow-up and report writing skills on implementation of I-NAP1325. The workshop was attended by 50 senior staff from different ministries and committees in the central government of Iraq and KRG. It was a complementary training for the previous training which took place in Erbil in May2017 and aiming at the progress made on the implementation of INAP 1325 and follow up on the report writing skills and processes. The participating ministries are below:

Ministries and Committees from the Central Government of Iraq:

1. Ministry of Interior

2. Ministry of Defense

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

4. Ministry of Financial

5. Ministry of Justice

6. Ministry of Education

7. Ministry of Health

8. Ministry of Labor

9. Ministry of immigration

10. Ministry of Planning

11. The High Judicial Council

12. Women Empowerment Department

13. IDP,s Relief Committee

14. National Security Consultancy

15. National Security Service

16. Human Rights Commission

17. National Reconciliation

18. Office of the Secretary of Baghdad

19. National Team Secretariat

20. Office of Baghdad Mayoralty

Miniseries and Committees from KRG:

1. Ministry of Interior

2. Ministry of Pishmarga

3. Ministry of Education

4. Ministry of Ministry and Martyrs and Anfal Affairs

5. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

6. Ministry of Health

7. Department of Foreign Relations