Report on the meeting of the CSTF 1325 in Ministry of Interior

The Cross Sector task Force (CSTF) 1325 of the Kurdistan Region held a high-level meeting on Thursday 10th Aug 2017 Headed by the Minister of Interior, Mr. Karim Sinjari chair of the CSTF1325 and the Secretary General

of the High Council of Women affairs Mrs. Bakhshan Zangana co-chair of the CSTF1325 and in the presence of the ministers who are members of the CSTF 1325. The meeting was also attended by the focal points of the 1325 committees of those ministries and the coordinator of the task force of civil society. For following up the implementation of the national action plan of Security Council resolution 1325 and discussing the mechanism and timing of reports submitted by the ministries and to discuss Security Council resolution 2367 (2017) specially the unusual paragraph on non-implementation of the National Plan of the UN Security Council Resolution on Women, Peace and Security 1325.