Training Session on UNSCR 1325 In Duhok and Sulaymania

On 18th of March and 25th of March 2017, Women Empowerment Organization WEO in cooperation with Investigator Organization for Rule of Law arranged a legal awareness course on the Iraqi National Action Plan ( I-NAP )1325 UNSCR1325, in Duhok and Sulaymaniah, the courses

have been attended by judicial investigators and Police Officers considering Gender balance and it focuses on The international Convention on the rights of Women and Children, Legal Protection for women and children during armed conflict and Progress made on the Implementation of INAP 1325 . Then they distributed certificates on the participants In the presence of The Head of Court of Appeal in Duhok, Judge Muhammad Hadi Hasan in Duhok. And In the presence of Judge Salar Rawf Muhammad, Judge Tofiq Namiq Radha, Dean Adil Salih AbdulAziz/Urban Police in charge and Major -General Kamil Abdullah Ismail in directorate of combating domestic violence against women in Sulaymaniah.