The Field Trip of Iraqi 1325 CSTF to the Netherlands

On the 15th of Jan 2017, WEO arranged a field study trip to the Netherlands, The Hague for the Iraqi 1325 Cross Sector Task Force (CSTF) members which included senior representatives from Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) and Iraqi government as well as representatives from 1325 Alliance in Iraq and the CSOs.

The field trip took 7 days in which the 1325 CSTF visited many state institutions in the Hague including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Dutch Parliament, Ministry of Justice, Hivos, Dutch Police working on 1325 and GBV, Movisie Center for social issues with expertise on migration, GBV, and domestic violence in the city of Utrecht, Association of Dutch City Councils, International Criminal Court (ICC) and High committee on Dutch NAP 1325. The discussions focused on the significance of the current Iraqi NAP 1325 as the first NAP in the MENA region and the Iraqi Task Force was also introduced to the Dutch NAP 1325 and its different components. The Iraqi 1325 CSTF also met with senior officials from the Dutch Ministry of Defense who are responsible for the implementation of Defense action plan 1325. In a very detailed session, a heated debate was held on the migration and displaced issues and how it is linked to the Iraqi NAP 1325. To what extent, the 1325 Iraqi NAP responds to the needs of women during displacement.