Women, Peace and Security Workshop

On 29th January 2017 Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) in cooperation with Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) and with the support of

United State Institute of Peace (USIP) held a three day workshop in DFR Office under the title of “ Women, Peace and Security “. The main purpose of the workshop was to present and develop the role of women in the process of building a peaceful and secure community, and to explain I-NAP 1325 Resolution in more details. The Workshop was attended by Mr. Falah Mostafa, Head of Department of Foreign Relations –KRG, Ambassador Mr. Stevenn E. Steiner, Gender Advisor-USIP, Ms. Banielle Robertson, Gender Specialists USIP, Ms. Suzan Aref, General Manger of Women Empowerment Organization & Coordinator of Cross Sector team 1325 and trainer on 1325 resolution, representatives of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Department of Foreign Relations, High Council of Women Affairs, Human Rights Committee, NGOs Committee, and government sectors. The last day of the workshop had been ended with a presentation by Ms. Suzan who explained the UNSCR 1325 Resolution, all the achievements of the task force team for the past few years and all the barriers and challenges that have been facing the team during the development of the National Action Plan 1325. And finally a Press release had been released by Mr. Falah Mostafa, Ms. Banielle Robertson and Ms. Suzan Aref and then certificates had been distributed on the participants.