National Seminar on Iraqi NAP 1325 (Progress on the Government Master Plan in fulfillment of I-NAP 1325)

On Thursday 30/03/2017, the coordination team of the Cross Sector Task Force (CSTF) in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) conducted a national Seminar in Erbil on Iraqi NAP 1325.

The Seminar was entitled “Progress on the Government Master Plan in fulfillment of I-NAP 1325” and supported by UK Embassy in Iraq through Magna Carta Fund. The Seminar was aiming at presenting the institutional assessment of government ministries on their capacity to implement sector-specific action plans and identify the gaps and areas of support to enable the ministries to better play their roles in the implementation of I-NAP 1325. The Department of Foreign Relations in KRG hosted the seminar which was attended and patronized by its head H.E. Mr. Falah Mustafa and the minister of Interior, H.E. Mr. Kareem Sinjari co-chair of CSTF. The seminar was also attended by Ms. Pakhshan Zangana, the secretary-general of High Council of Women Affairs, Dr. Samira Ahmed, director General at the Women Empowerment Dep. In the Iraqi Council of Ministers and Ms. Suzan Arif (1325 Task Force Coordinator) This is in addition to most of the Consul-Generals currently working in KRG, UN & International organizations, senior representatives from KRG ministries as well as Media channels and agencies.