Launching the Implementation of The National Action Plan Iraq, Task Force NAP1325 Iraq

The director of Women empowerment organization and the Coordinator of Task Force 1325 in KRG and the Operation Room 1325 in partnership of Euromed Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI ), held a National conference supported by the Embassy of Netherland, On the 1ST of September 2016 in Rotana Hotel / Erbil to Launch the Implementation Of National Action Plan Iraq ( Task Force NAP1325 Iraq). Introduction: At the opening of the conference Mr.Nawzad Hadi (Erbil Governerate) presents a speech of which he emphasizes on the important roles of women and the challenges they are facing also the

impact of implementing the UNSC1325 resolution on all aspects related to women’s rights, then Ms.Thikra Aaloosh (Governor of Baghdad) presented her speech, mentioned the facts that Iraqi women are facing in their battles against DAESH in all the places invaded by Daesh. These terrorist groups perpetrated crimes against innocent women and children in a systematic way. They caused widespread killings and displacement of the minorities, which makes these criminal acts in the list of the most serious violations, committed in armed conflicts as war crimes or crimes against humanity or genocide at various levels, she emphasized on the importance part of working together the Iraqi government, various institutions and regional governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations and the UN security Council and Secretary-General of the United Nations and all UN members and the parties to the conflict, especially since the UN security Council resolution 1325 urged all the parties to take the necessary measures in matters relating to women's participation in all levels of decision-making. Other high profile participants such as the Representative of Mr. Kareem Sinjary (Minister of Interior for KRG) and Ms. Bakhshan Zangana (Secretary General Women High Council KRG), Mr. Qasim Abed Chairman Operation Room 1325 General Secretory of Council Of Ministers , Baghdad , Ms. Janet Alberda Consul, Dutch Consulate General in Erbil of the Netherlands to Iraq , Ms Boriana Johnson Executive Director Euromed Feminist Initiative presented their speeches on the same importance issues of the impact of the resolution 1325 The conference was attended by ministries representatives in both Federal Region and Kurdistan Region, as well as the representative from the Consulate- generals of (British, Dutch , Sweden and and Japan). This is in addition to UN Representatives , UNAMI , number of Parliament members in both Federal and KRG Parliament and the Members of Legal Committee Task Force 1325 . The Objective The Objective of the Conference was to present the Ministerial plans for the Implementation Of the INAP1325, the conference brought together , The secretary General of the Council of Ministers Baghdad Mr. Mahdi Alalaq, the Representative of Mr. Kareem Sinjari Minister of interior KRG , Mr. Nawzan Hadi Governer Of Erbil, , The Participants emphasize on three main pillars on the NAP1325 :

• Women Participation, Protection and Prevention the importance of those three pillars lies in how to find and assure that women find their voices through participating in all decisions making positions (Legislative, Legal and Executive) in all aspects, the locals, national and international , also to give women the opportunities to participate in peace building negotiations and reconciliation committees, also participating in achieving a peaceful country. They discussed the importance of the women’s rights in the Justice regulations, especially the ones related on GBV (Gender Base Violence), honor’s killings, women’s rehabilitation for survivors of conflicts and to integrate in the society once again. They emphasized as well on the emergency plan for 1325 that have been signed on (May 2015) that included creating an operation room to execute the targets to focus on protection and women’s participations especially the abducted and refuges ones. To implement the resolution NAP1325, The representatives of the Federal ministries presented their Ministerial plans with all the challenges and opportunities they have been facing:

• Ministry of Health

• Ministry of Planning

• Ministry of Interior

• Ministry of Defense

• Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

• National Security Apparatus

• National Reconciliation Committee

• Supreme Committee

• Ministry Of Finance

• Alliance 1325 and INAP Initiative

Then the representatives of the Kurdistan Ministries presented their ministerial plans with all the challenges and the opportunities they also have been facing:

• Ministry of Education

• Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor

• Ministry of Interior

• Ministry of Foreign Relations

• Ministry of Health

• Ministry of Justice

• Alliance 1325 and INAP Initiative At the end of the conference they presented a Legislative Framework to enable the implementation of UNSCR1325.

Finally the coordinators of Task Force 1325 presented the Master NAP and the final part was the international Cooperation and support for the Implementation of the NAP1325 by the Swedish Ambassador and the Deputy Country Representative UN Women on behalf of UN Agencies.