On Wednesday 19th April 2017 Alliance 1325 member have a meeting with Mr. Mohammed Salman Al-Saadi, Adviser to the Prime Minister for National Reconciliation as part of the CSTF 1325. The purpose of the meeting was to cooperate with the reconciliation committee and ensuring the active participation of civil society and women as a national vision in line with the principles of plans and programs of the 1325 INAP in the liberated areas for women survivors and minorities and Taking the necessary measures to ensure protection and commitment to human rights in the Nineveh plain and other areas.

On 18th of March and 25th of March 2017, Women Empowerment Organization WEO in cooperation with Investigator Organization for Rule of Law arranged a legal awareness course on the Iraqi National Action Plan ( I-NAP )1325 UNSCR1325, in Duhok and Sulaymaniah, the courses

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