About Us

In line with Security Council resolution 1325, as a result of the need for a joint civil society organizations working in the field of activation of Security Council resolution 1325 on Iraq. Alliance has been founded in November 2014.

About Us:

civilian voluntary alliance of the National Initiative for INAP – Iraqi network of resolution 1325, a group of civil society organizations and advocates and defenders of women’s rights in Iraq, seek to defend women’s rights and the application of international conventions, treaties and resolutions and the National Plan INAP for the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 to protect women and ensure participation in building peace and security in times of war and conflict and at all levels.


wider participation of women in peace and security-building operations in Iraq and to ensure that all possible ways to protect women and girls in situations of conflict and post-conflict.


to contribute to the building and the sustainability of peace and security in Iraq by strengthening partnerships with civil society and the government and the international community to achieve equality and social justice in all spheres of life.

Structural Alliance:

Coordinator for the Iraqi National Initiative Network Aqrar1325- Vice Per coordinated – and membership organizations and associations, activists and activists Almndoyen under the initiative or networks or groups in the coalition.